Take a look at our hostel

Here at Song of Travel, comfort is key. That's why all of our dormitories are designed from scratch to suit the needs of backpackers.

Our hostel is very suitable for smaller groups, individuals and couples looking for a relaxed and peaceful stay - off trafic

F a c i l i t i e s

Comfortably relax, exchange ideas, and share experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.  
Meet like-minded travelers or socialize with our local staff. 

r o o m s

5mixed dorm rooms, 16 spacious and comfortable capsule-style beds, each with curtains for the highest possible privacy.
Furthermore lockers, power outlets and reading lights. 


Do you need a place to stay for the day? Experience our great hostel without paying for one night. Stay at our travel-day dorm room and check-in and check-out at the same day. Use all our free services (including free towel and shower)- just for $5!