Kyan (Germany)



Hey I'm Kyan from Germany :) 

I came to nyaung shwe by tracking.
A mate in Yangon told me about song of travel with the words " really good people". I booked two nights at the Hostel... my goal was leaving after two days
But really fast I felt so comfortable for this place... I had really good conversations with the stuff and owner... So I decided to stay for volunteering. Best decision!!

Sunset tour to the winery... Mexican nights...working on a new tour...building a bookshelf... Work like that work? Definitely really good experience!!!
Fiona (tried ) to teach me give something in return i cooked Bolognese for Fiona, my wife and staff, Erica... Also the food and coffee they gave me all day...I could write a lot more.

Definitely one of my best experience in Asia so far!! Thank you so much to my family in Myanmar

I will come back one day...

Best regards Kyanto