Viktor (Germany)


Why I volunteer

I volunteer because for me that’s the only real way to deeply interact with local people, to learn about their culture, their view of life, their ideas, their way of living. I learned so much from all the amazing people, I met on my way. But my stay here at Song Of Travel is one of my most impressive experience.

From the very first moment I felt like a member of a big family, Fiona is such an extraordinary person, probably the best team leader, I ever met in my life. I rarely met people with so much love and positive attitude to life, to nature, to her staff and all the people around her. And really all the staff working here, follows her mission with such an unbelievable passion.

It was a  pleasure, a honor to be part of this amazing team and it was so hard to leave this awesome place, full of love! Thank you soooooooo much. I hope I can come back one day...