Inle Lake Yoga

Are you stiff from your long journey to reach Inle Lake or just trying to keep up with your personal wellness routine? Yoga classes can be hard to find in Myanmar and outside of large cities in Asia. Lucky for you Song of Travel Hostel hosts two free yoga groups every day!


Join us on our rooftop for sunrise yoga at 7 am every morning and again at 5 pm every evening. Fiona, owner of Song of Travel Hostel at Inle Lake, hosts the classes. She will talk to the group first to see what level people are comfortable with. All lessons provide modifications so that beginners are comfortable and those with more experience can challenge themselves a bit more.

The 7 am group generally lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. Feel free to come to the rooftop early, around 6:30 am to watch a spectacular sunrise over the eastern mountain range. After yoga enjoy breakfast and coffee.

The evening class at 5 pm runs between 40 minutes and an hour, depending on the lesson chosen by the group. Shortly after the evening Inle Lake yoga ends you can watch the sunset over the western mountain rage and enjoy our rooftop happy hour.

Feel free to start and end your day of adventures with our free yoga in Inle Lake at the Song of Travel Hostel rooftop.