Wednesday Visits to Inle Lake Winery

The Red Mountain Estate vineyard and winery is a popular spot here at Nyangshwe. Different than other wineries, this winery is famous for its stunning sunset view over the mountains. 

The winery located around 4km east of our hostel. It takes about 20 mins on the bike ride.

The winery opens daily. You can go directly to the sunset terrace order by glasses or bottles. If you are not sure what you want, or if you'd like to taste more Myanmar wine, you can pay 5000 kyats per person for a wine tasting. You will have 4 different kinds for wine tasting - 2 white wines and 2 red wines. 

Note that the wine tasting place is facing south which is separate from the sunset terrace. Once you done with tasting, quickly go to the sunset terrace to take a table with good view. It can get busy and crowded from 5:30pm - 6:00pm. My personal suggestion is stick with the right side tables (facing sunset direction) to avoid trees block the view. 

Once the sun is fully set, you should prepare to leave. The road back to town is dark and it is safer to ride while you still have light.

At Song of Travel Hostel, we organize trip a to winery every Wednesday evening. It's perfect if you just arrive in Nyangshwe and don't know anyone. If you can't join the hostel activity on Wednesday, no worries, you can still get there by yourself. We offer free bicycles to our guests. Our staff can point the direction for you. 

Hope to you will join us for the next Sunset Winery activity - 


Sunday Trip to the Inle Lake Cave Temple

Here at Song of Travel, we offer different activities everyday. Today is the Sunday Funday. We went to a cave.

In Myanmar, there are many meditation caves in the countryside. They usually tend to be really long, and at the end it gets narrow. You can find many Buddha statues sitting along the cave. The deeper you go, the thinner the air becomes. 

From our hostel it takes about 45 mins walk to arrive at the nearest meditation cave. Don't worry we always have a lovely staff to go with you. He/she will give you a brief intro of the things you encounter along the way. 

We will leave at 3:30pm from the reception. And be back around 5ish pm. After a cozy shower, it's the perfect time to catch the sunset and enjoy a happy hour drink at our rooftop bar.